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October 31, 2014

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October 30, 2014

Partners sign agreement to install a floating tidal energy platform near Texel

Providing clean electricity, in the future to remote locations worldwide
A group of leading offshore companies including Bluewater, Damen and Van Oord have joined together to realize a unique floating tidal energy platform which will be moored near Texel in the Waddenzee and generate clean electricity from the tides.
The platform is a trial for remote locations worldwide, such as islands in Indonesia, Philippines or the Pacific. It is of an innovative modular design and uses a new type of permanent mooring lines. It will be the first time that a floating tidal platform is used for electricity production into the Dutch grid. It will be operational in the first half of 2015.

Seaspan Accepts Delivery of Fifth 10000 TEU SAVER Containership

Seaspan Corporation announced today (Oct. 29) that it accepted delivery of a 10000 TEU containership, the MOL Brightness. The new containership, which was constructed at Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. using Seaspan's fuel-efficient SAVER design, is Seaspan's fifth 10000 TEU SAVER design containership scheduled for delivery in 2014.
The MOL Brightness will commence an eight-year, fixed-rate time charter with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd. (MOL). The ship is the second of a total of five 10000 TEU SAVER design vessels, and the eighth of a total of eleven vessels, to be chartered by Seaspan to MOL. The delivery of the MOL Brightness expands the Company's operating fleet to 76 vessels.

Atlantic Container Line Names New G4 CONRO Vessels

Oct. 29, 2014 - Construction is progressing on Atlantic Container Line's new G4 vessels, which will be the largest RORO/Containerships in the world. The G4 vessels will replace ACL's existing fleet of G3's operating in the company's transatlantic service.
The new G4 vessels will be bigger, faster, greener and more efficient than their predecessors. The G4's will have a container capacity of 3,800 TEUs plus 28,900 square meters of RORO space, with a car capacity of 1307 vehicles.

Korean Register to drive LNG fuelled shipping in APEC region

Korean Register (KR) - an IACS member classification society - announces that it is to work alongside the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat (APEC) to promote the use of LNG fuelled ships in the APEC region.
APEC has awarded a contract to KR to further the understanding of the current state and future potential for LNG fuelled vessels to serve the region’s maritime trade requirements. Work will also include a programme to share knowledge and best practice across the APEC region with the aim of promoting this new technology.
The project gets underway shortly and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

BG Group selects twelve Rolls-Royce Trent 60 DLE packages for its Lake Charles LNG Export project

Rolls-Royce is proud to announce that BG Group has selected the Trent 60 DLE industrial gas turbine as the driver for the main refrigeration compressors in the proposed Lake Charles LNG Export project in Louisiana, USA.
BG Group and Rolls-Royce have also agreed the terms of a Long Term Service Agreement covering the support and maintenance of the equipment for up to 25 years that will help deliver high levels of availability for this important LNG plant. Both the equipment and service contracts are expected to be activated in the first half of 2015, subject to the US LNG plant permitting process and final investment decisions by BG Group and Energy Transfer, the developers of the project.

Wärtsilä and Diesel United renew co-operation agreement for low-speed marine engines

Wärtsilä and Diesel United Ltd in Japan have signed a ten-year renewal of their co-operation agreement for the sale, manufacturing and servicing of Wärtsilä low-speed marine engines. Diesel United is a long-standing member of the Wärtsilä family of low-speed engine licensees.
The renewal was signed on the 66th anniversary of the signing of the licence by Diesel United for Sulzer low-speed marine engines on 4 October 1948. This has been Diesel United’s sole licence for low-speed two-stroke diesel engines throughout the years since then.

The first Q-Max Vessel LNG delivery to Dubai from Qatar

Oct. 29, 2014 - For the first time Qatargas Operating Company Limited (Qatargas) has delivered LNG on-board a Q-Max Vessel to the Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP) LNG Terminal located at the Jebel Ali Port.
The Q-Max LNG Vessel “Lijmiliya” has a capacity of 263,000 cubic meters, a length of 345 meters and is one of the largest LNG vessel class in the world.  The “Lijmiliya” under charter to Qatargas is owned by Qatar Gas Transport Company Ltd. (Nakilat) and operated by Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd. (STASCo).

Cathelco supply sixth ICCP system for Bumi Armada FPSO conversions

Cathelco has won an order to supply an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system for the Armada Ali which will safeguard the hull of the vessel against corrosion.
The Armada Ali is being converted into an FPSO from the VLCC Osprey, a 301,963 dwt VLCC at the Keppel yard in Singapore. The conversion project is being managed by Bumi Armada Berhad, the Malaysian offshore oil service company who have been contracted for the charter, operation and maintenance of the vessel by Eni Angola S.p.A.

Teekay renews contract for CASPER service

Canada-based shipping company Teekay Corporation has renewed its contract with Propulsion Dynamics for its hull and propeller performance monitoring system CASPER Service.
The Computerized Analysis of Ship PERformance (CASPER® Service) from Propulsion Dynamics is a turnkey subscription service that provides shipowners with unprecedented decision support for technical and operational fuel efficiency programs.
The two-year extension for the CASPER Service will cover 23 LNG carriers under the Teekay banner with a further seven ships to be included in the program as they are taken into Teekay management.

General Dynamics NASSCO Receives 2014 Environmental Excellence Award from Industrial Environmental Association

Oct. 30, 2014 - General Dynamics NASSCO, a business unit of General Dynamics, was recognized for its environmental conservation and leadership efforts to continuously implement energy-efficient solutions at its San Diego shipyard. This week the company received an Award of Environmental Excellence from the Industrial Environmental Association at its 2014 conference in San Diego.
In March 2014, NASSCO completed the remediation of sediment in its shipyard, which is the largest clean-up in the history of the San Diego bay, and is one of the largest sediment cleanups anywhere in the United States.

Working to maintain much of the UK's infrastructure

In 2014 alone, Amey PLC have purchased a large number of Cygnus 2 Hands Free ultrasonic thickness gauges to maintain much of the UK's infrastructure that people rely on every day.
Cygnus Instruments Ltd are the leading manufacturer of multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges that are used in many industrial applications worldwide.  So far this year, Cygnus have sold over 60 thickness gauges to Amey PLC who provide a wide range of services to the public and regulated sectors.

Braemar enlightens insurance experts

Damage encountered in marine losses came into sharp focus recently when Braemar (Incorporating The Salvage Association), referred to as Braemar SA, welcomed an invited  group of marine insurance professionals onto its specialist port and shipyard familiarisation course in Falmouth designed to introduce participants to the technical aspects of marine surveying, investigating, reporting techniques and marine insurance.
Braemar SA has been running this popular initiative for many years, reinforcing its commitment to the industry by providing background knowledge and understanding to marine insurance professionals on important aspects of ship construction, shipyard operations, and their repair procedures.

Farstad Shipping ASA - Charter Agreement

Farstad Shipping ASA has been awarded the following charter contract in Brazil:
Petrobras has extended the contract for the AHTS BOS Turmalina (2006, UT 722 L, 14.416 BHP)with further 600 days. Before commencement of the contract the vessel will be upgraded for ROV support services.  Expected commencement of the new contract is at the end of January 2015. Petrobras has the option to extend the contract with up to 8 years. 
Total value of the contract, excluding options, is approx. NOK 180 mill.

Wärtsilä fuel efficient propulsion equipment chosen for two new fishing vessels

Two new 78 metre purser/trawler fishing vessels being designed and built at Karstensen Shipyard in Denmark will feature Wärtsilä’s main propulsion and control equipment. The ships have been contracted by Lunar Fishing, the Scotland based fishing company and will operate in the North Sea. The Wärtsilä order was placed in September 2014.

Industry news
October 31, 2014

1.2 million, 5 billion tons of fuel: Russia to apply for Artic shelf expansion

Oct. 29, 2014 - Russia will address the UN on the expansion of its Arctic shelf next spring. If successful the move would see the country adding an area of 1.2 million sq. kilometers in the Arctic Ocean, holding 5 billion tons of standard fuel, to its territory.
A field investigation to make such an appeal possible has been successfully completed in the area, Sergey Donskoy, the country’s natural resources minister, said.
The results of the new research will allow for updating Russia’s initial application, which the country filed to the United Nations in 2001.
Russia intends to add another 1.2 million square kilometers of territory in the Arctic ocean to its continental shelf.

The Era of Disorder

Richard N. Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations
NEW YORK - Historical eras are difficult to recognize before they end. The Renaissance became the Renaissance only in retrospect; the same can be said for the Dark Ages that preceded it and any number of other eras. The reason is simple: It is impossible to know if some promising or troubling development stands alone or represents the start of a lasting trend.
Nonetheless, I would argue that we are witnessing the end of one era of world history and the dawn of another. It has been 25 years since the Berlin Wall was dismantled, bringing the 40-year Cold War to an end. What followed was an era of American preeminence, increased prosperity for many, the emergence of a large number of relatively open societies and political systems, and widespread peace, including considerable cooperation among the major powers. Now that era, too, has ended, ushering in a far less orderly and peaceful epoch.

Arctic Shipping Volume Rises as Ice Melts

Northern Sea Route Primarily Carries Oil, Much of the Cargo Involving Russia
Cargo shipping volume through the Northern Sea Route is rising as Arctic ice melts, according to a new report.
The opening up of the Arctic for commercial cargo offers a faster route for some shipments between Europe and Asia, and holds the promise of increased trade for once icebound ports in the High North of Arctic countries such as Russia, Norway and Canada.
However, much of the new traffic through the Northern Sea Route is one-way shipments of fossil fuels from Northern Europe to Asia or is between Russian ports, according to a report to be released Friday (Oct. 31) by the Arctic Institute, a Washington think tank.

Asian buyers line up for Mozambican LNG with new deals

Countries across Asia are quietly reaching deals to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Mozambique, which could transform its economy and give it a front-row seat in tapping rising global gas demand.
The unannounced agreements, five in total, show how war-scarred Mozambique is elbowing past rivals from the United States to Australia by offering flexible contract terms on 20-year deals.
U.S. oil major Anadarko Petroleum is building the first two of up to 10 plants in Mozambique to liquefy gas for export.
Its gas finds in Area 1 of the country's Rovuma Basin will feed the initial 10 million tonne per annum (mtpa), $23 billion export project, which is due to start by 2021.

Australia to be worlds largest LNG exporter: HSBC

AUSTRALIA is expected to become the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG) within four years.
An HSBC report says LNG is likely to contribute significantly to economic growth and overtake coal as the nation’s second biggest export behind iron ore.
The gas boom is set to kick off from next year as LNG export volumes rise 70 per cent in 2015/16 and by an average of 42 per cent per year to 2018.

Estonia orders four LNG-ready ferries

Oct. 31, 2014 - Estonian state-owned ports corporation Tallinna Sadam has placed orders for four ferries that two subsidiary companies will operate between the Estonian mainland and the islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa.
The 114 m ferries will each be able to carry 600 passengers and up to 150 cars. They have been designed by LMG Marin of Norway and will be LNG ready.
Two will be built at by Remontowa Shipbuilding in Poland and two by Turkey's Sefine Shipyard.
Delivery is set for 2016 when the Estonian Government's contract with the present ferry operator on the routes

EU mulls financing of new gas pipelines in CEE, Poland says

Gas pipeline operators in Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovakia may get 1.3 billion zlotys ($388 million) from the European Union to build connections between them, Polish state operator Gaz-System said.
Poland is taking steps towards creating a gas trading and transit hub in Central and Eastern Europe to help reduce its almost complete reliance on imports of Russian gas.
Central Europe's biggest economy plans to build 2,000 km (1,250 miles) of pipelines crisscrossing the country over the next 10 years.

China plans to build first Antarctic airfield to aid exploration

China currently does not have its own fixed-wing airport in Antarctica, and most personnel and resources are transported to the Earth's southernmost continent via sea.

China behind on meeting future global shipping emission rules, report finds

Only a few Chinese port cities and provinces have started to plan to regulate sulfur oxide emissions from cargo ships despite an international deadline of 2020, according to a new report.
The International Maritime Organization’s standard call for marine diesel fuels to consist of no more than 0.5 percent sulfur. To meet the MARPOL Annex VI standards, Hong Kong was first out of the gate in attempting to meet the new global standards, according to a new report from the U.S.-based Natural Resources Defense Council. The city already enforces the use of low-sulfur bunker fuel by local vessels and will soon require all ocean-going vessel to use low sulfur fuel while at berth.

October 30, 2014

Europe strives to overcome its reliance on Russian gas

In the early 1980s, the Reagan administration warned its West European allies about their growing dependence on Russian gas. The Europeans paid no heed. They had found the Soviet Union to be a reliable supplier of gas over the previous decade, and they all - Margaret Thatcher included - refused to comply with a United States demand to stop their companies from selling technology with American origins to build new pipelines to bring more gas to Western Europe from Siberia.
Now, the Ukraine crisis has opened up a deep political rift with Russia, Europe’s largest single foreign supplier of not only gas, but also oil, coal and nuclear fuel - and that long-ago warning by the United States looks prescient.

DSME Strikes Again

South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has won orders for three container ships with a total value of USD 466.4 million from an unnamed European shipowner, the company said in a Korea Exchange filing.

Rosneft wants to postpone Arctic drilling

Extreme climate, difficult ice conditions and lack of technical means to work year round forces the oil-major to ask for prolonged geological exploration period to 15 years.
Russia’s law on mineral resources today stipulates a maximum term of 10 years for a company to hold the rights for exploration of mineral resources.

Shipbuilder Rongsheng changes name to focus on energy service provision

Financially troubled shipbuilder China Rongsheng Heavy Industries will change its name to reflect its shift in focus to become an energy service provider.
China Rongsheng announced on Wednesday the proposed change of name to China Huarong Energy Company Limited, as well as a proposed issue of warrants to raise up to HKD3.23bn ($416.49m).
“In order to strategically position itself as a more comprehensive energy service provider, the company has already completed the acquisition of 60% interest in the Kyrgyzstan Project in September 2014 and has been working to identify suitable investment opportunities in the energy resources exploitation sector,” China Rongsheng said.

October 29, 2014

Baltics welcome Independence into Lithuanian port

Lithuania welcomed an FSRU at the port town of Klaipeda on Monday (Oct. 27), marking the delivery of the Baltic region’s first non-Russian conduit for gas imports.

Iran Gas Exports to Europe Would Take at Least 5 Years

Iran would take at least five years to start exporting natural gas to the European Union if sanctions were removed, industry experts said on Wednesday (Oct. 29).
Last month, Reuters reported that the EU was increasing the urgency of a plan to import natural gas from Iran, as relations with Tehran thaw while those with top gas supplier Russia grow chillier due to the Ukraine crisis.
Russia meets a third of Europe's gas demand worth $80 billion a year. The EU has imposed sanctions on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine, increasing the need for gas from elsewhere.

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